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13 Jul 2017

Did You Know That The Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie Was An Accident?


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Posted By Shawn F.

The chocolate chip cookie is almost mainly eaten where it hailed from in the U.S. , although it is most indeed popular around the globe, and contains chocolate chips in every bite of the cookie, of which there may be many different kinds and shapes. The chocolate chip cookie is also recognized as the Toll House cookie, and came into being accidentally when baked by a woman named Ruth Graves Wakefield who owned a hotel called the Toll House Inn.

When she was baking some chocolate cookies, Ms. Wakefield ran out of baker's chocolate, and was forced to replace it with semi sweet chocolate that she thought would melt in the batter. Since that didn't happen, the first chocolate chip cookies came into being and because they were so delicious she was also able to trade this recipe to the Nestle Chocolate Company, and in return she would get a lifetime supply of all the chocolate chips she ever needed.

According to recent surveys more than seven billion chocolate chip cookies are eaten annually, and as many 50% of all American households make them to eat at home. The main ingredients that go into a chocolate chip cookie are brown and white sugars, flour, eggs, and semi-sweet chocolate. Some people also choose to add nuts to the batter. Anyone can mix and match the ingredients to what they desire them to be, though the Toll House Cookie recipe is the one that most aspire to equal.

To bake the chocolate chip cookie, the baker would have to cream the sugar and butter at a very high velocity usually done with a whisk or electric mixer, then the brown sugar and eggs, and then add some flour and baking powder. Chocolate chips can be added to the mix at the end of the whole process before scooping the cookie dough and placing it on a baking sheet to bake the cookies, although many people like to eat it by itself, something I seem to enjoy as well.

This sort of cookie is a big thing in the United States, and there is much talk of it in the press. It is also mentioned in TV shows such as Sesame Street, who can forget the Cookie Monster? Midwest Airlines bakes and serves fresh chocolate chip cookies on board their flights. Also a fact not widely known to many is that the desert camouflage pattern that U.S. military wore during the first Gulf War was nicknamed "chocolate chip", since it greatly resembled chocolate chip cookie dough having brown, black and light tan specks all within the pattern of the uniform.


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